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To engage a space, one must feel bound to and enthralled by it.

For Antoine Maalouf, architecture and design must captivate the senses. The recognition of familiar elements in structure, material, sound and light – components that leave an impression – is essential to establishing a spatial

About us - Maalouf Architects

To create a space, it is essential to discover and locate familiarity.

Antoine is interested in finding the genius – the culture, language and customs – that surrounds and inhabits a space. Working with recognizable and existing impressions, and not simply aesthetics, allows him to make comforting and memorable architectures that impact emotion and desire.

About us - Maalouf Architects

Conjoining architecture and environment, structure and perception, comfort and intimacy creates distinct spaces and singular experiences.

Antoine’s process moves from affect to functionality. He prefers to preserve the original structure, if it exists, and chooses to use materials in their raw state, without any added artifice. After having restored the familiar, the space is adapted to the requested needs, rendering it both useful and practical.

Maalouf’s keen attention to detail, fluidity and harmony make each of his works a unique and evocative experience unto itself.

About us - Maalouf Architects

Antoine Maalouf draws inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and Modern design styles like the Prairie School, Bauhaus, and Art Deco. He is currently the principal at Antoine Maalouf Architects, an architectural firm founded by his grandfather in 1949. Committed to responsibly using new design technologies and materials, AMA works across several architectural fields including residential, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, retail, exhibitions, boat interiors, set design and scenography.