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Salon Beyrouth

Located in Clemenceau, Ras Beirut (Lebanon), a 350 square metre mid-century residential home was transformed into a whiskey bar and venue for jazz.

The Grasshopper

Located in Sodeco, Beirut is a bar room on which all lighting fixtures and furniture have been tailor made, custom designed, and prototyped to fit its thirty-five square meters of interiors.

The Saudi Press Agency

Upon first visiting the bare site of the new Saudi Press Agency (Saudi Arabia), we knew that acoustics were important and needed to be considered when constructing the interior space.

Cycles of Collapsing Progress

Cycles of Collapsing Progress was a month-long contemporary art exhibition that took place at the Rashid Karami International Fair in Tripoli, Lebanon; a public project designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1960s and the Tripoli Roman citadel. The exhibition was divided into three thematic sections: Collapse of Modernism, Cycles of Nature and Socio-Historical Cycles. It presented 20 projects in total, including 11 commissioned artworks as well as 9 selected works by artists from Lebanon and Mexico. The meeting of these two art scenes

The Silent Echo

For the first time ever, the UNESCO world heritage site of Baalbek, Lebanon hosted a contemporary art exhibition within its museum and archaeological sites, most notably Bacchus, the largest of the Roman temples.


The site for the new bar was a 45-year-old automobile spare parts shop located on the main street of Mar Mikhayel (Beirut, Lebanon), known for its 1960s heritage architecture, including famous Electricité Du Liban building

ELL Beauty Salon

ELL is an on-going spa and beauty salon in Lebanon and eventually the Middle East.

The Grand Factory

Located next to the Port of Beirut (Lebanon), the event venue was designed according to the previous space, which, as the name implies, was a factory.

Dar Zefta

Dar Zefta is an estate built in 1910 under Ottoman influenced Lebanon at the time.

La Fuente De San Miguel

La Fuente de San Miguel is a South American, Latino restaurant and cocktail bar that was part of the renovation of a 1950s building in the Mar Mkhayel area of Beirut Lebanon.


The unique cocktail bar is situated in Mar Mikhayel, Beirut (Lebanon) next to what used to be the city’s main train station. Influenced by the proximity of the old railway, the design brought some of the golden age

The Council

“The Council” in Clemenceau, Beirut is a broadcasting and media production company to which we conceptualised, designed and executed their premises.

Baabdat Residential Complex

The project consists of a residential complex composed of six flats of 180 square meters each.

Cooking Liberty

“Cooking Liberty” 2017 was part of the “Art Dubai” project in “madinat Jumeirah” in which we collaborated with art collective “Atfal Ahdath” to develop the scenography of a surealist dinner influenced from Salvador Dali’s Gala dinners.

Residential V-18


One of the most anticipated food and beverage venues in Victoria Island, Lagos (Nigeria) used to be an abandoned mansion on a 3,000 square metre lot surrounded by tropical greenery.


Located in the Mar Mikhayel (Beirut, Lebanon), the “Pay What You Think Fair” restaurant rotates chefs and serves food from the four corners of the world.

Residential III-16

Golf Course Project

This venue was conceptualised, studied, designed, and detailed for the “Dubai Golf Course”. The cast-in concrete club has a rooftop that opens up on hydraulics. 

Auditorium for the Jeddah Municipality

The 3D study for this auditorium was presented to the Jeddah municipality. Studies were conducted after many alternations were made to the existing auditorium.

Prototype X-1

Custom design lighting fixtures ( According to daylight factor ) and furniture

40 Kong

Located on the 40th floor of the H-Hotel (Dubai) is the U.A.E.’s highest rooftop bar. Based on studies conducted by 21dB acoustic consultants, we designed a robust acoustic sound barrier that blocked noise from reaching

Residential IV-17


The design work on the custom-designed, 73-foot sports-fisher yacht, moored at La Marina Dbayeh (Lebanon), entailed transforming the fly-bridge into a closed pilot house in order to upgrade the 1994-make into a 2005 model.

Residential II-15


Residential I-14